Annual Oil Plan

Terms and conditions

  1. Monthly installments are initially calculated based on 1/10 of the annual estimated bill. i.e if the annual estimated bill is £1,500, the monthly installments will be set at £150
  2. This will be reviewed regularly and adjusted accordingly based on a revised annual estimate: taking in to account the spot price of oil and any accumulating funds in your account in order to keep your payments in line with expected costs
  3. Your first monthly payment will be taken on a credit or debit card so you have funds immediately available to place your oil order
  4. 11 further monthly payments will then be setup as a direct debit
  5. Maximum oil order 2000l 
  6. You can order fuel at any time, up to the account balance plus 3x your monthly payments (maximum £500).  If you want to order more, that’s fine but you will need to make an additional payment.
  7. A subscription fee of £2.99 per month will be debited from your account monthly
  8. You WILL NOT be charged the standard service fee upon ordering oil (currently £2.99 per order)
  9. You can cancel your Annual Oil Plan at any time subject to there being a zero balance
  10. Any positive balance will be fully refunded if you choose to cancel your plan
  11. Annual Oil Plans may be suspended if for any reason payments are not collected within 14 days of due date
  12. Quotes are valid for that day only
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