The Benefits of Using Heating Oil Additives

September 23, 2013 | Boilers/Agas/Rayburns

heating oil additives to improve boiler efficiencyWith prices of oil on what appears to be an ever upward trend, heating oil users are constantly on the lookout for ways of reducing heating oil consumption and improving the efficiency of their boiler. Whilst many will think of turning down the thermostat, improving insulation and even replacing their boiler, far fewer people think of the benefits of using heating oil additives in their fuel tank. Heating oil additives can improve the efficiency of your boiler  and provide a wealth of other benefits including:


  • Protection from wear and tear – using a heating oil additive in your tank can reduce the wear and tear of components in your boiler helping to prolong its life, reduce breakdowns and lower servicing costs.
  • Fuel stabilisation – heating oil additives contain antioxidants which help to stabilise the kerosene in your tank, preventing it from degrading. This can help to ensure your fuel combusts correctly and your boiler extracts the maximum energy from it.
  • Reduced sludge and contaminants – the inclusion of corrosion inhibitors and dispersants can help reduce sludge, rust and other deposits building up in the oil tank that can cause blocked filters, boiler shutdown and an expensive repair bill.
  • Reduced soot deposits – deposits building up on the nozzle and heat exchanger of your boiler will reduce the efficiency of the burn and mean that you have to burn more oil to maintain temperature. Heating oil additives reduce this by providing a cleaner burn, making your boiler more efficient.
  • Reduction in unpleasant odours – a fragranced heating oil additive can help reduce odours around the fuel tank and boiler that are sometimes unpleasant.


A Word of Warning

Whilst the benefits of using heating oil additives speak for themselves, oil boiler users should be reminded that they are not a substitute for an annual boiler service by an OFTEC registered engineer. Using heating oil additives and having your boiler serviced annually will help to reduce breakdowns, improve efficiency and ensure your boiler is safe.


Buying Heating Oil Additives

If you do decide to use a heating oil additive in your kerosene tank, please ensure that it meets fuel standard BS2869C2. All of the heating oil additives in the BoilerJuice shop meet this standard.  You will also find additives suitable for Agas.


More Information

See this page on MyBoilerService for more information about oil boiler servicing.

For more information about the importance of using an OFTEC registered engineer for your service see our blog post here.

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