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The Benefits of Using a Heating Oil Monitor

Heating oil monitor technology has moved a long way in the last few years and, as a result, using a heating oil monitor is no longer just about telling you how much oil you have in your tank.  There are some significant benefits from keeping a close eye on your heating oil with a suitable monitor including:


  • Tank oil levels – by being able to see how much oil you have left in your tank at any given time, you can make more accurate estimates of how much oil you will need when you order a delivery.
  • Security – modern heating oil monitors enable you to see very easily how much oil you have in your tank so that you can identify sudden or unexpected drops. Some monitors even allow you to set up alerts that will contact you should there be a sudden drop due to theft.
  • Alerts – You can program your monitor to alert you when the oil level falls below a certain level helping to ensure you never run out before your next delivery.
  • Remote monitoring – Some modern heating oil monitors use wireless technology meaning there is no need to run cables and it gives you the benefit of being able to monitor your oil tank without having to go outside in the cold.  It’s also a much cleaner way of measuring your oil levels than using a dip stick!
  • Advanced functions– A “days to empty” function can be a real benefit if you are trying to estimate when you are going to need oil and, if you use this in conjunction with monitoring heating oil prices, it may help you to schedule your buying when heating oil prices are lower.
  • Energy saving – If your heating oil monitor has the facility to add the cost of your oil, it will be able to show you usage in terms of cost. This can be a real eye opener and help you identify ways to reduce your heating oil consumption. Some monitors will also show estimated carbon emissions which can give householders an incentive to cut back on usage and implement energy saving measures.  The Energy Saving Trust states that users who monitored their electricity with an energy monitor typically cut their consumption by between 5 and 15% in the first year which highlights the point that when you can see how much your energy is costing, it can impact on your behaviour.


So What’s the Downside?

Many people may argue that whilst there are benefits of using a heating oil monitor, the downside is installing it in the first place and setting it up correctly. This has become easier over the years with most modern heating oil tanks in the UK now having a pre drilled aperture to install a monitor. Additionally, manufacturers of heating oil monitors do provide clear instructions on how to measure your tank even if it is bunded. Once it is installed, there will be very little you need to do and the potential benefits will outweigh any minor inconvenience associated with installation.


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