BoilerJuice Pledges Support For The Energy Bill Revolution

January 16, 2014 | Fuel Poverty


Fuel poverty is becoming an increasing problem in the UK with rising energy bills and some of the most poorly insulated homes in the UK. This is highlighted by the fact that whilst the UK doesn’t pay the most for energy in the EU, it does pay some of the highest bills, simply because of inefficient houses.

The EBR is campaigning for the revenue from carbon taxes applied to large companies for their carbon emissions to be invested into making homes super-energy efficient by improving insulation, replacing old boilers and investing in renewable energy. It is estimated that the Government will raise approximately £4 billion every year for the next 15 years via carbon taxes which could be used to lower bills, cut carbon emissions and take 90% of people out of fuel poverty.

BoilerJuice Managing Director, Paul Ward, said “We know that a large proportion of heating oil customers are older people who are on limited or fixed incomes and are really worried about their energy bills.  Any move to make funds available to help insulate homes and reduce costs has to be a step in the right direction. We are fully behind the Energy Bill Revolution as it offers a sensible solution to a significant problem that, if we don’t address in this country, is only going to get worse and result in more people dying from cold.”

BoilerJuice has in the past also called for the removal of VAT from heating oil and means testing of the Winter Fuel Allowance to help poorer homeowners struggling with energy costs.


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