Northern Ireland heating oil price chart

Boilerjuice Heating Oil Price Graph for Northern Ireland

April 13, 2011 | Market Watch: Price Trends

One of the best ways to keep up to date with the changing heating oil prices in Northern Ireland is the Boilerjuice Price graph. It is exceptionally simple to use and understand. We collect oil prices from all of our participating suppliers that deliver in Northern Ireland and calculate the average price in ‘pence per litre’ and plot it on our graph.

As you would expect, heating oil prices tend to rise in winter when the demand is highest, you will also see how prices can go up and down on a frequent basis, keeping a close eye on our chart can certainly help to make more informed decisions when buying your heating oil. Unlike our main UK heating oil price chart, our Northern Ireland chart only has data going back to October 2010, but we are now storing these prices and will retain the information to help you spot seasonal trends in Northern Ireland.

I hope you find the NEW Northern Ireland Heating Oil Price Chart useful.

If you would like to add the Boilerjuice price graph to your website you are welcome to do so… more details.

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    • Hi Mr. Wilkinson,

      I’m sorry you’ve experienced problems with our website. We do currently have quotes available for your postcode so please try again – if there are any further problems please let a member of our Customer Services team know and they can report it to our technical team for investigation. If you’d prefer to get a quote or order over the phone, our Customer Services team are available on 0800 321 3275.


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