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BoilerJuice Supports Cold Homes Week 2014

February 3, 2014 | Fuel Poverty

The Energy Bill Revolution has launched their Cold Homes Week 2014 campaign this week (3rd-7th February) in an effort to raise awareness of the suffering of the fuel poor in the UK. The campaign is particularly targeting raising the awareness of MPs and getting support from politicians to make homes more energy efficient.

With over 31,000 excess winter deaths last winter, the plight of the fuel poor cannot be ignored. The pressure this also puts on our health service is considerable and costly. BoilerJuice is supporting this week long campaign has produced this infographic to highlight some of the terrible statistics associated with cold homes and fuel poverty.

We would ask everyone to join in with the campaign by signing the Energy Bill Revolution petition, contacting their local MP and sharing this infographic on their own blog or website.


BoilerJuice supports Cold Homes Week 2014

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