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BoilerJuice Supports Cold Homes Week

February 2, 2015 | BoilerJuice News


With millions of people across the UK struggling to heat their homes, the fight against fuel poverty has never been so important. For this reason, the team at BoilerJuice are proud to announce that we are supporting Energy Bill Revolution’s annual Cold Homes Week.

The event, which is running from the 2nd February to the 6th February 2015, aims to bring an end to fuel poverty by encouraging the government to reduce energy bills and improve insulation in homes across the UK.

Shockingly, the UK’s homes are currently among the least energy efficient in Europe, with poor insulation leading to heat leaking from around walls, windows and doorways. As a result, an average of 2,500 people die from the cold each year, with at least a third of these deaths caused by living in a cold home.

Illnesses caused by cold homes also put considerable pressure on the National Health Service, with damp-related issues such as respiratory illnesses and circulatory problems costing the NHS more than £1.3 billion every year.


Show Your Support for Cold Homes Week


Scarf Selfies from the BoilerJuice Team!
Scarf Selfies with the BoilerJuice Team!

There are plenty of ways to join in and show your support for the fight against fuel poverty:

  • Visit the Energy Bill Revolution page to find out if your MP is supporting Cold Homes Week and if not, encourage them to participate via. Twitter or email.
  • Tweet your own scarf selfie ( #ColdHomesWeek).
  • Raise awareness by sharing the following message on your blog, Facebook or Twitter:

This winter thousands of people will die from the cold. Is your MP taking action to end this crisis? #ColdHomesWeek



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