Britons Back Energy Price Freeze

According to a new study commissioned by the price comparison site energyhelpline, a majority of consumers in the UK are in support of the energy price freeze proposed by Labour in September last year.

Will Labour's price freeze save money?

In the nationwide survey, over 41.5 per cent of poll respondents stated that their most favoured energy policy would be a national price freeze on energy costs, while less than a quarter (24.6 per cent) said that they would prefer more competition within the UK’s energy industry, and 14.3 per cent stated that they are hoping for a greater focus on green energy.

Mark Todd, Director of energyhelpline, commented that the promise of a government-led price freeze could greatly affect the results of the next general election.

Mr Todd said: “This research clearly identifies that the British people are most in favour of an energy price freeze as a key Government policy. More competition between energy suppliers is favoured by many but lags well behind. Green issues are garnering little support as a priority with only 1 in 7 in favour of prioritising them.

“The research also shows that in terms of the really big issues banker bonuses come top, an energy price freeze is second and a referendum on leaving the EU comes third. After four years of price rises, energy policy is clearly set to be a key battleground in the next election.”

Following announcements late last year, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has made it clear that he intends to force through a price freeze for energy bills if he becomes prime minister following next year’s general election. Mr Miliband’s plan has been widely criticised, with industry experts claiming that any price freeze will ignore the needs of heating oil users and could in fact lead to widespread redundancy in the energy sector and nationwide power blackouts for those on the grid. However, despite the negative effects such steps will most likely have, it appears that the general public is in support of the proposal.

Mr Todd said he believes the energy bills price freeze plan may be a sign that Mr Miliband is “winning the hearts and minds of the British public”. However, even though Labour had a narrow lead over the Conservatives in the latest opinion polls, with just a year to go before the election, Mr Miliband’s personal poll ratings remain low compared to Prime Minister David Cameron.



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