Top 5 Tips for Looking After Your Heating Oil

As a heating oil user you’ll be well aware of how important it is to look after your fuel supplies. Unlike gas, which is supplied as and when you need it, heating oil must be delivered and then stored in a nearby tank – so protecting your heating oil is crucial if you want to stay warm all year round.… Read More

Plastic Heating Oil Tanks – Frequently Asked Questions

In our second guest blog from Wendi Whittle at J Seed & Co. Ltd, specialist providers of  heating oil tanks, we look at plastic heating oil tanks and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this type of oil storage tank.   I’ve Got a Plastic Oil Tank, Why Should I Check It?… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Oil Tanks

This blog is the first in a series from Wendi Whittle at J Seed & Co Ltd, specialist providers of heating oil tanks and storage containers. Wendi has put together some of the most frequently asked questions about heating oil tank maintenance and installation that she is asked by customers, which we hope will help you too.… Read More

Home owners to get support for the Renewable Heat Incentive from Spring 2014

This is a guest article for the BoilerJuice Home Heating Oil Blog written by Graham McCormack The UK Government has recently made a remarkable announcement that will benefit thousands of people concerned with the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI). Previously the scheme was only aimed at commercial and public businesses but from the beginning of 2014 the same scheme will now also benefit home owners throughout the UK and Ireland too.… Read More

Saving Lives: The Importance of Checking Your Smoke Alarms

This is a guest article written for the BoilerJuice Home Heating Oil Blog by AAI Security Systems. With so many advances in fire safety and security technology in recent years, it’s now easier than ever to protect your home from the dangers of fire. With an array of smoke detectors and fire alarms available, ensuring that your property has one installed that most suits the needs of the premises is simple.… Read More

Could you Reduce Your Broadband Bill to Help You Cope With Increasing Energy Bills?

This is a guest article written for the BoilerJuice Home Heating Oil Blog by Kelvin Goodson, senior writer at, the broadband comparison site.   Last month, Kim Bardsley of BoilerJuice wrote a really informative article about cutting your energy bill this winter. She pointed out that, while if you use heating oil you won’t fall victim to the same increases those who heat their homes using gas are, you’ll still use electricity, so there’s every reason for you to try and save money when it comes to what you spend on energy.… Read More