How To: Prepare Your Oil Tank for Winter

With temperatures dropping and the threat of snow hovering over our heads, it’s safe to say that winter is well on it’s way. Whether you’ve used heating oil for a while or are new to the game, it’s important to make sure that your tank is prepared for the frosty season, as any issues can be made much worse during cold weather.… Read More

How to Take Care of Your Heating Oil Tank during Summer

A well-maintained heating oil tank is important for protecting you fuel supply, as well as protecting the environment from dangerous oil spills or leaks. Checking your tank on a regular basis is crucial, and with demand for engineers usually lower over warm periods, summer is the perfect time to carry out some much-needed tank maintenance.… Read More

3 Ways to Prevent Heating Oil Theft in Your Area

Heating oil is a valuable commodity and because it is stored locally, unlike mains gas, it can easily become a target for thieves. Heating oil theft not only leaves you out-of-pocket, it can also leave you without any way of heating your home. Crimes are often committed in summer when stores are checked less regularly, but oil can be targeted at any time of year.… Read More

Can Buying Heating Oil Early Help Cut the Cost of Your Energy Bills This Winter?

When you’re in the middle of a summer heatwave it can be a real struggle to think about energy bills and heating your home, but for heating oil users, planning ahead can mean saving hundreds of pounds. This is because, unlike gas which has a relatively consistent value, the price of heating oil fluctuates throughout the year.… Read More

Heating Oil Additives: What Do They Do?

With the price of heating oil subject to unpredictable fluctuations, households not receiving energy from the mains gas supply are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their homes and reduce heating costs. One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this is by using a heating oil additive.… Read More

Top 5 Tips for Looking After Your Heating Oil

As a heating oil user you’ll be well aware of how important it is to look after your fuel supplies. Unlike gas, which is supplied as and when you need it, heating oil must be delivered and then stored in a nearby tank – so protecting your heating oil is crucial if you want to stay warm all year round.… Read More

Oil Tank Safety Advice Issued Following Fire in Dunmurry

OFTEC have issued a safety warning to heating oil users, after an oil tank fire ravaged homes in Dunmurry in the early hours of Monday morning.   The fire, which is believed to have started in a shed before spreading to several oil tanks in the area, caused significant damage to three houses in the Belfast town.… Read More

Top 5: Mad Myths About Heating Oil

Want to sort the fact from the fiction? Find out the truth behind the most common rumours as we examine and debunk the top five heating oil myths…   Myth 1: Oil-Powered Heating Systems are Expensive. While some fossil-fuels can be expensive to produce, kerosene (or ‘heating oil’) is one of the cheapest.… Read More