Heating Oil Tank Security – How Do You Prevent Heating Oil Theft?

This is a question on the minds of many UK households. Heating oil, like so many other energy products, is a highly valuable commodity. Here, we investigate what households can do to prevent heating oil theft.

How much oil theft is there?

Despite the rate of rural crime increasing from 2014 to 2015, the cost of thefts from rural homes has decreased slightly in 2015, down to £6.2m from £7.1m in 2014.… Read More

3 Ways to Prevent Heating Oil Theft in Your Area

Heating oil is a valuable commodity and because it is stored locally, unlike mains gas, it can easily become a target for thieves. Heating oil theft not only leaves you out-of-pocket, it can also leave you without any way of heating your home. Crimes are often committed in summer when stores are checked less regularly, but oil can be targeted at any time of year.… Read More

Can Buying Heating Oil Early Help Cut the Cost of Your Energy Bills This Winter?

When you’re in the middle of a summer heatwave it can be a real struggle to think about energy bills and heating your home, but for heating oil users, planning ahead can mean saving hundreds of pounds. This is because, unlike gas which has a relatively consistent value, the price of heating oil fluctuates throughout the year.… Read More

Top 5 Tips for Looking After Your Heating Oil

As a heating oil user you’ll be well aware of how important it is to look after your fuel supplies. Unlike gas, which is supplied as and when you need it, heating oil must be delivered and then stored in a nearby tank – so protecting your heating oil is crucial if you want to stay warm all year round.… Read More

Learn More about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Our Infographic!

With over 4,000 people admitted to hospital as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning every year across England and Wales, awareness of this issue has never been so important. For this reason, the team at BoilerJuice are proud to announce that we are supporting CO Awareness’ 9th annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week!… Read More

Heating Oil Theft Warning for Norfolk Homeowners

People living in parts of Norfolk have been urged to be aware of the risk of heating oil theft as temperatures begin to fall and the nights get longer. With an increasing number of homes, farms and commercial premises refilling their oil tanks at this time of year, the local constabulary has called for residents and business owners to be vigilant and take precautions.… Read More

Essex Villages Suffer Over £15,000 of Oil Theft

Heating oil users living in and around Essex should take special care to ensure their properties and oil tanks are as secure as possible, following a spate of thefts in two villages in the county. Oil thieves have so far targeted 28 properties in Great Leighs and Little Leighs, the Essex Chronicle reports.… Read More

Heating Oil Theft Alert: UK Rural Crime up by 5%

If you keep your heating oil in an outdoor tank, is it fully secure? Homeowners may wish to review their security measures in the wake of a new report from NFU, that has highlighted an increase in rural crime in the UK. According to the latest NFU Mutual Rural Crime Survey, the cost of crime to the UK’s rural economy reached £44.5 million in 2013.… Read More

Oil Theft Watch – Report Heating Oil Thefts

It’s that time of year when, at BoilerJuice, we start to hear a lot of news and police warnings about heating oil theft. Only this week we had an alert from Cambridgeshire Police warning of an increase in thefts in the Huntingdon area. Tanks are usually topped up around Christmas time so are a tempting target for thieves, particularly when you consider 1000 litres of heating oil costs in the region of £650 (depending on the season). … Read More

What To Do if You Run Out of Heating Oil

Running out of heating oil is more common than you may think. Typical reasons for running out include: Not monitoring your tank. A sudden cold snap which drives up consumption causing your heating oil to run out faster than expected. Heating oil theft. A delay in a delivery either due to a problem with the supplier or snow/cold weather preventing tankers getting out.… Read More