What’s Going on with the Price of Oil?

In our last blog post regarding the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, we covered the outcome of their Nov 30th 2016 meeting: a global cut in crude oil production of 1.8 million barrels per day in an effort to increase prices.

Initial Success; What’s Changed?

Initially both crude and heating oil prices saw a dramatic increase.… Read More

OPEC Meeting Leads To 7% UK Heating Oil Price Increase in 3 Days

The recent OPEC deal to cut global crude supply has been well publicised by now. In our previous post ahead of the 30 Nov OPEC meeting we outlined the possible outcomes, and predicted what impact each outcome would have. Now the dust has settled, how has it really affected the every day heating oil user?… Read More

Will cutting oil output increase heating oil prices?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, are scheduled to meet on 30th November 2016 for crunch talks. The topic? Discuss cutting the output of crude oil. Will the 14 OPEC member countries agree?

In today’s blog we look into the possible outcomes of the Vienna meeting and, most importantly for us, what impact it will have on heating oil.… Read More

Domestic Heating Oil Prices at an 8 Year Low – But Why?

In case you haven’t noticed Heating Oil prices have been falling dramatically. The UK average for home heating oil was 48.56 pence per litre (inc VAT) this time last year, it’s now at a staggering 8 year low of 31.92 pence per litre today. So why is this happening? How long will it last?… Read More

Buying Heating Oil in Summer: Top Tips

When the sun’s out and the mercury is rising, heating oil is probably not top of your list of worries. However, planning ahead for winter (as well as those disappointingly chilly summer days) can offer considerable benefits. Constant fluctuations in the industry make heating oil prices difficult to predict, but warmer periods usually correspond to a drop in value.… Read More

And Our Second Golden Ticket Winner is….

The winner of our second big Golden Ticket prize is…. Mr M Pitman from Ely in Cambridgeshire! Congratulations Mr Pitman, you’ve won 500 litres of heating oil!   Want a Chance to Win 500 Litres of Heating Oil? Win Every Day with Our Golden Ticket Giveaway! Don’t worry – you’ve still got a chance!.… Read More

Oil Tank Safety Advice Issued Following Fire in Dunmurry

OFTEC have issued a safety warning to heating oil users, after an oil tank fire ravaged homes in Dunmurry in the early hours of Monday morning.   The fire, which is believed to have started in a shed before spreading to several oil tanks in the area, caused significant damage to three houses in the Belfast town.… Read More

Final May Madness Winner Announced!

  Here it is, hot off the press – The final winner of our May Madness giveaway is…Mr.H from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Congratulations Mr. H!   Want a Chance to Win 500 Litres of Heating Oil? Win with Our Golden Ticket Giveaway Don’t worry – May Madness may be over, but you still have a chance to win with BoilerJuice.… Read More

OFTEC Urge NI Residents to Apply for Boiler Replacement Scheme

£2 million cash injection extends Boiler Replacement Scheme until 31st March 2016. Industry body OFTEC are urging homeowners in Northern Ireland to take advantage of recent extensions to the Boiler Replacement Scheme. The nationwide programme, which was launched in 2012, was created to help homeowners fund the replacement of their old boiler, by providing a grant of up to £1,000 for eligible homes.… Read More

Meet Our Third May Madness Winner!

  And the winner of our third week of May Madness is… Mr. Neil Holton from Thaxsted in Essex! This was the first time Mr. Holton had used BoilerJuice, he said: “It’s fantastic, I’m really happy I used BoilerJuice for my oil, winning the competition has made my day!” Congratulations Mr.… Read More