Coryton Oil Refinery. Photo: Trevor Harris by CreativeCommons.

Coryton Refinery Update: Heating Oil Users Urged Not to Panic Buy Kerosene.

January 25, 2012 | Market Watch: Price Trends would like assure our members that we have been in discussions with our participating heating oil suppliers in the south and south east of England.

The feedback we have received from the suppliers is that the supply issues at the Coryton refinery should not have an effect on heating oil supply in the short term.

With the media reporting that consumers could face the threat of petrol and diesel shortages, following the announcement that the parent group of the Coryton refinery went into administration, we feel it should be highlighted that the kerosene suppliers we contacted do not appear to be concerned about short term supply.

Our experienced suppliers in the south / south east have been aware of the potential issue with the Coryton refinery over the past few months and most already have measures in place to ensure that supply is not affected by creating partnerships via alternative distributors such as Prax Petroleum one of the largest independent oil importers and suppliers of automotive and industrial fuel in the United Kingdom.

On another note, a 7 day strike by bulk tanker drivers at the South Killingholme refinery which supplies around 340 filling stations (the majority are in the North and Midlands) have resulted in some heating oil suppliers having to make alternative arrangements to ensure they have sufficient supplies of heating oil.

Coryton Refinery Update: 26/01/2012 @ 11:00

Coryton refinery shipments start as deal signed – Fears of petrol and diesel shortages have been relaxed after the announcment that shipments were to resume at the Coryton oil refinery in Essex.

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