Crazy Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

September 15, 2009 | Energy Efficiency

As the winter fast approaches us the central heating will be going back on in numerous households throughout the UK.  But let’s have a look at some of the more crazy ways that people try to heat up their homes every winter.

Tumble Dryer

Why run up two sets of bills? Well that’s at least what these lot think. Instead of switching on their central heating they leave their tumble dryers running all day and then when they have reached a good level they open their doors and out flows a blast of heat.


Oven Hob

Probably one of the more dangerous ways, especially if you have kids. But what I have seen a lot of people do is open up their oven hobs and allow the heat to flow out of there. Again a very weird technique that will probably end up costing them more money.


Boiler Water and Dehumidifier

When I first witnessed this type of technique I was literally fascinated and just how silly people could be. These people used to leave the shower running and the kettle boiling to heat up a room, at the same time a Dehumidifier was running in the background which was pulling the moist out of the air. Crazy, absolutely crazy.


Mass Candles

Oh, the old candle trick is saved until last. Did you know that burning even 100 candles in a single room will not provide the necessary heat during the winter months, yet people still proceed with this technique.

Now, you may be asking why on earth they do all of this crazy stuff. It’s simply because they have somehow convinced themselves that they will be saving themselves money, when all they are going to be doing is spending even more money. Instead they should be using BoilerJuice to get the cheapest possible oil.


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  1. I own a house which had had the 1970s makeover from hell. The previous owners had nearly every wall and all the ceilings lined in varnished pine…ghastly. I bought the house as it is in a lovely part of the world and put up with the awful house until I could afford to renovate it.

    Last autumn the workmen started to strip off all the hellish wood of the wall and ceilings. We then merrily burnt it in our open fire. Wow did it burn well! 145 sheets of plasterboard later I now have a pretty nice house and saved £100s worth of coal and oil as we “burnt our house” for over 4 months. Pity there is none left for this winter!

  2. Resort to electic fan heaters in each room when you already have a fully capable heating system. A likely and only option if I run out before my 4 week delivery arrives.

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