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Want to Cut Your Home Heating Oil Bills by 5% – Sign Our e-Petition Today!

September 2, 2011 | Fuel Poverty

BoilerJuice.com are appealing to the government to Zero rate the VAT on domestic home heating oil for all non-commercial users. We are calling for action to help oil users keep warm in the face of rising domestic heating oil costs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Fuel duty currently stands at 5%, which, at current oil prices, adds around £30 to the bill every time a users fills up with 1000 litres. To someone struggling to pay their bills on a fixed income, it equates to heating their home for an extra couple of weeks, or having the cash to turn the heating up a degree or two.

We need at least 100,000 signatures for our petition to be eligible for debate in the House of Commons, so please take a minute to sign the petition today.

Please note: signing the e-petiton will not result in an instant 5% off your order, this will only be achieved with future orders if HMRC zero rate vate on home heating oil.


Click here to sign our e-petition!


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  1. people who live in villages and have no choice for heating their homes other than oil are struggling with the price rises.

    The vat reduction or zero rated would help a little.

  2. As retired people on fixed income who struggle to pay for heating, we appeal to the goverment to zero rate domestic heating oil.

  3. The rise in heating oil cost must be addressed urgently, during last winter we could not afford to heat our house adequately, only during the coldest times did we have any heating on for a couple of hours with the thermostat set at 15 C, this year we have a new born baby in the house, I have no idea how we are going to be able to heat the house sufficiently.

  4. I have signed the e-petition but it would have been good to also leave a comment along with my signature to say that the (around) £30 VAT on each 1000 litres equates to ‘taking the chill off’ our 3 bedroom home for around 5 days, rather than heating the house for the couple of weeks mentioned in the petition. Being on a fixed income we can only turn the heating on for a couple of hours a day in the coldest weather.

    • Further to my previous comment – the Energy Bill will return to the House of Commons next week…We have just until 12 September to email MPs to urge it is strengthened.

      Quote from The Great British Refurb Campaign: ‘We need an ambitious Energy Bill that will help transform our homes into energy-efficient, low-carbon SuperHomes. That’s how we’ll get lower fuel bills, create lots of green jobs – and the only way we’ll meet our legal targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to prevent disastrous climate change.’

  5. We have been living with very little left over each month from my wires and my salary combined for the last couple of years. We economise with everything from buying our meat in the reduced section, driving only when necessary, we don’t eat out or go on holidays. Where is this all going to end? Where do we find £600 – half a salary to put oil in the tank to heat our homes.

    In a northern region the government should be subsidising our heating oil or coming up with a more economical alternative.

  6. I think there should be a zero% on all household fuel people are struggling enough with constant price hikes off all the suppliers without paying a stack of VAT as well..its an absolute disgrace .

  7. I live in a rural village, so have to drive as no buses and the only option of heating is oil as there is no gas here. Zero rate on household fuel while the prices are so high should be looked at urgently

  8. We also live in a rural area and have to drive as we have no buses either! We economise with everything and still find we have little left to pay for the oil to heat our home! The government need to cap prices with all utility companies, but they SHOULD also not charge the 5% VAT charged on domestic heating oil for those living in rural areas. We can only put our heating on at the coldest time in the winter as the oil is too expensive for us. We have used our savings to buy and install a log burner and we stay in one room in the winter. We even collect fallen sticks and branches for our fire when we walk in our local woods. Our heating oil per annum has now gone up by £250! Where do we find this when food, electricity, household rates, motor fuel has all gone up and our pay has been frozen! Even our pension is going to be extremely frugal now even though we have over the years been encouraged by the government to contribute extra! How SHAMEFUL is all this in a developed country? The government need to help us as soon as possible.

  9. Zero VAT would be welcome, but the biggest problem is the oil suppliers and their exorbitant prices. You don’t see petrol and diesel at the pumps fluctuating as wildly as heating oil. As sure as night follows day, the oil suppliers will be taking advantage of the cold weather to push their prices ever higher.

  10. I have signed the petition, Also thanks for a great blog.



  11. I fully support your efforts to have oil heating zero rated, I’m just about to move into a property heated by oil so have only just started taking notice, wish I’d known how expensive it was before signing contracts it seems unfair that those with no other choice have to pay 5% duty

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