Does Your Contents Insurance Cover Your Home Heating Oil / Oil Tank?

There are 100’s of companies that offer home contents insurance, but does your provider cover you against home heating oil theft and the possible damage that could be done to your tank and the surrounding area.

Finding an insurer that covers your oil can be like looking for a needle in a hay-stack, but we’re here to help…

We will be listing your providers below but first we want to know:

  • Which home insurance company you use?
  • Do they cover your heating oil and/or you oil tank?
  • Have you make a claim due to heating oil theft or tank damage?
  • Was the outcome of your claim acceptable?

Check back soon to read the comments and a summary of the companies offering cover and peace of mind before you fill your tanks!

(The information within this post is for guidance purposes only, please check the policy documents and terms & conditions before you purchase your insurance policy.)



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  2. I am with axa do they cover oil theft ?

  3. I am with axa and had a slight problem with my oil tank some time back. I wasn’t covered on this occasion, so my advice would be to check with your insurer as this can be costly to repair or replace.

  4. Our oil tank is covered with Nationwide – we had a theft December 2013 whereby there was some contamination. Nationwide dealt with it all, the most comprehensive cover I have found so far. However it is expensive.

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