We promise to keep you warm, whilst saving you time and money on your heating oil

For years heating oil customers have invested many hours dipping their tanks, checking their monitors, and shopping for the best price to keep themselves warm. But now BoilerJuice Connected will connect your home as if you were on a mains supply, providing auto top ups, exclusively low prices and fixed monthly payments. We promise to save you time and money on your heating oil whilst guaranteeing you will never run out.

BoilerJuice Connected customers can subscribe to monthly plan that provide exclusive prices with the option of manageable  monthly payment as part of a new monitors oil service 

Subscribers will receive a free oil monitor that monitors theirs oil and consumption levels, facilitating automatic top-up for greater convenience and the reassurance that you will never run out.

Data from the BoilerJuice Monitor allow us to forecast demand and group customer order in advance. These groups are then auctions, creating exclusive syndicate style savings with the convenience of paying monthly. 

When you join our Classic or connect account, we will monitor oil, alert you when you are running low and automatically place you order so you will never run out.

The BoilerJuice Monitor

The BoilerJuice Monitor has been designed for reliability and easy installation with a host of features and benefits:

  • Monitor your oil level and consumption
  • Transmits your data to us so we can alert you when you need oil and automatically schedule your top up, so you never run out
  • Provide you with useful information about your oil consumption & help you save money
  • Easy to self install, professional installation can be provided if required for a small charge
  • 5 year warranty

 How do I sign up?

Signing up to one of our plans is easy. Just follow these simple steps to get yourself set up! 

1. Tell us what you need

Choose which plan works best for you, call us on 0800 151 3135 and we can set up your account, or provide you with a quotation.

2. Get Connected 

We will send you your BoilerJuice Monitor complete with installation instructions. Once installed you can go to your account online and keep track of your oil level and consumption.


3. Future orders

Classic account customers will be notified when you need to order fuel. if you set up a direct debit, we can do this automatically and take payment. or you can opt to order automatically queued in order to save you the greatest time and money. 

 Need help or more information? 

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