Heating Oil in Lincolnshire

If you’re looking to buy your kerosene heating oil in Lincolnshire, then BoilerJuice is able to help.

Whilst Lincolnshire may be England’s second largest county, through our network of reputable oil suppliers, we are able to compare local prices, and deliver oil to customers throughout the county, including Mablethorpe, Wragby, Sleaford and Holbeach.

Local oil prices

Instead of phoning multiple suppliers, BoilerJuice does the hard work for you by collating heating oil prices from suppliers in the Lincolnshire area, and then showing you the cheapest one within seconds of entering just a few details into our quote form.

We only work with reputable suppliers, ranging from small local depots to larger heating oil suppliers.

Red Diesel prices

potato harvest in near saxby all saints, lincolnshire
ABOVE: Potato Harvest near Saxby All Saints, Lincolnshire. Photo: David Wright via CC by 4.0

Lincolnshire is one of the UK’s most fertile agricultural areas, with large amounts of produce being sold through supermarkets each year. This industry means that there’s a demand for Red Diesel (also known as ‘Gas Oil’ or tractor fuel) in the area, and BoilerJuice is able to offer great prices.

Whilst the Red Diesel market is strictly governed, you can easily obtain a price from us in seconds by entering your details and selecting “Red Diesel/Gas Oil (Class A2)” from the options in our quote form.


Support your local community group

community fundraisersBoilerJuice proudly supports community groups in Lincolnshire by making a donation for every home heating oil order fulfilled when someone has selected a community group. We donate 25p for every 100 litres of heating oil ordered. You can register a community group for free.

To support a local Community Group, simply visit their fundraising page and click on the Support This Group button before you place your order.

Community Groups registered in Lincolnshire include:

Oil Thefts in Lincolnshire

If you have been a victim of oil thefts in Lincolnshire, then we strongly recommend that you report it to the Lincolnshire Police as soon as you become aware.

We’d also recommend informing your neighbours too, either to raise awareness of your theft, to prompt them to check whether they have been victims too, or to see if they recollect anything that might be useful as evidence.