Heating Oil Thieves Strike Twice Within 24 Hours

January 30, 2013 | Heating Oil Theft/Tank Security

Residents in the Bassingbourn and Orwell areas of Royston, Hertfordshire targeted by oil thieves.

Heating Oil users in and around the SG8 postcode area of Royston are today being warned to be on their guard after more than 1200 litres of kerosene, worth in the region of £900, was stolen overnight last night.

Thieves targeted two properties; approx. 6 miles apart and both tanks were syphoned dry of oil.  One of the properties had a locked tank and the other had filled their tank only 2 weeks previously.

Police are strongly urging local residents to contact them as soon as possible if they witness any suspicious activity in and around oil tanks, day or night.  Did you notice anything suspicious in the neighbourhood?

Lisa Baldwin, of BoilerJuice.com, the UK’s No 1 online supplier of Heating Oil said,

“With the price of heating oil ever increasing, oil consumers are advised to take extra measures to protect their investment.  Thieves can strike at any time of year, but with the vast majority of heating oil users filling their tanks with the winter weather in full swing, unfortunately thieves are aware of this. In the past 30 days we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Oil Theft reports we have received and expect this to continue in the winter months.

She continued, “We are urging victims of oil theft to report the theft as soon as possible.  Once a report is received by us we will send an automatic ‘alert’ to all registered oil users within the postcode district of the crime.  By spreading the word as soon as possible we hope to stop others from becoming a victim of this terrible crime.”

Home owners are advised to be on the look-out for specially adapted vehicles being used by fuel thieves in the area, which usually have large containers at the rear and are fitted with pumping equipment.



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