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Homeowners Urged to Consider Insulation

September 10, 2014 | Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty

Homeowners looking for ways to make their properties more efficient and lower their energy costs before winter have been encouraged to consider installing insulation.

According to the National Insulation Association (NIA), about 60% of the heat in a home can be lost through non-insulated walls and roofs.

The organisation cited figures from the Energy Saving Trust showing that householders could save up to £460 per year by introducing solid-wall insulation. Cavity-wall and loft insulation could also offer bill reductions of £250 per year, while measures such as draught-proofing windows and doors could lower costs by up to £50 per year.

With annual dual fuel bills now at an average of £1,328, these savings could look attractive to people who are keen to bring down their regular expenses.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the NIA, said the benefits of insulation are “clear”.

“Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills, with savings continuing year on year,” he added.

“By installing insulation householders will also be protecting against future energy bill rises.”

According to a recent report from the price comparison website, gas and electricity suppliers could be set to increase prices by around ten per cent before the winter months.

In another recent statement, the NIA welcomed the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to energy efficiency, following the announcement of the ‘five new laws for a greener Britain’ in the party’s manifesto.

Mr Marshall said the association was encouraged by the proposals for new regulations to address energy efficiency, with possible schemes including a new heating and efficiency bill and a national programme to raise sustainability standards for all households.

The NIA chief executive also called for a “long-term structured plan” to transform the country’s housing stock, adding that the industry group was looking forward to working with all political parties to make this a reality.

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