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OFTEC Warning: Replace Old Oil Tanks

Just how old is your heating oil tank? You may not know the answer, or particularly care about when it was installed. Until, that is, the tank starts to leak. At this point, you may wish you’d been a little more attentive to your storage unit, and considered the need for proper maintenance.

The reality is that heating oil tanks do not have an infinite lifespan. If they are situated outside, exposed to the elements, it’s only natural that the condition of the tank will begin to deteriorate over time.

This doesn’t happen overnight, of course. But over the course of many winters – when the tank is faced with snow, ice, wind and rain – the exterior can start to get damaged. And once weathering takes effect, it may only be a matter of time before the tank springs a leak.

According to the Oil Firing Technical Association (Oftec), homeowners should check the condition of their tanks at regular intervals. As reported by IOM Today, the association says at least a third of tanks which are more than 20 years old are likely to need replacing.

Having spent hard-earned cash on oil for their central heating systems, homeowners cannot afford to see their fuel seep away into the ground. And this is without considering the environmental implication of oil tank leaks, which can potentially be serious.

Oftec’s Malcolm Farrow said it is important for homeowners to be aware of the issue. “It’s very easy to forget about your oil tank, tucked away in the garden when you’re not using your central heating,” he stated. “But the summer months are a crucial time to check it’s in good condition.”

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