Oil Fired Boilers – Satisfaction Survey

September 27, 2007 | Boilers/Agas/Rayburns

We are often asked by Heating Oil users to recommend a Boiler type, style or manufacturer. Given the many options to choose from we have decided to dedicate this blog section to your own views and experiences so potential purchasers can make a more informed decision, with the ultimate goal being to find the overall market leader.

When replying to this blog please clearly state the make and model of your boiler and current length of service together with its current efficiency rating if known from last service, along with your general comments and views.

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  1. I had a new Grant Vortex 21e combi boiler fitted in 2011 and I’ve had one problem after another with it. The problems are intermittent and various – sometimes I have no heating and sometimes no hot water. When I call out the engineer I usually can’t demonstrate what’s wrong because the boiler’s having one of its short working phases. It cost me quite a lot of money but it’s much less reliable than the bottom of the range oil boiler (not a combi) I had at my previous house. It gets a 2/10 from me.

  2. Having posted two comments on this site, I was asked to write to Neil Sawers the Technical Manager at Grant Engineering. He arranged for one of their Senior Engineers to attend and he has been very helpful and successful in resolving our issues. Do get in touch with them and see if they can help.

  3. I posted a summary of my experience with a Grant Vortex boiler on the 1st of July. Neil Sawers, the Technical Manager at Grant Engineering replied and asked me to contact him. After reviewing the evidence, Grant took swift action to resolve the problems I was experiencing. The customer service I received was excellent, the Grant engineers carried out works with minimal disruption and were courteous and helpful at all times. Communication was also excellent with Grant keeping me well informed. This experience has more than restored my faith in Grant’s customer service.

  4. We have a Grant 70/90 outdoor boiler installed december 2006 by an OFTEC reg installer. It’s never keep pressure that well that we thought was just normal until this year. It’s been regularly serviced

    Noticed that this year there was a constant damp patch at the base of the boiler, we called in engineer who advises us that the jacket has split. The cost of a replacement jacket over £1100 plus vat & fitting Is this typical of Grant boilers?.

    Would really struggle to recommend these boilers despite having excellent technical performance values that I need for making recommendations when completing SAP assessments.

  5. So the boiler has been losing pressure since day one then? Surely you would have mentioned this at your yearly service and any competent service engineer would have investigated further. I am sure that the installer did his job correctly and dosed the system with inhibitor to protect the boiler. The trouble is that by constantly filling with fresh water to make up for any pressure loss you are injecting oxygenated water into a system with depleted protection so I am not surprised that your boiler shell has rotted out after six years. Ask this of your service engineer: Why did he not investigate the loss in pressure and why has he not checked the inhibitor concentration periodically? If you don’t get the inhibitor levels checked when your new boiler goes in then you will run the risk of losing your second boiler to rust in another six years!

  6. I had a Grant outdoor combin Vortex 26e installed in May 2010 and between then and now I’m on my third red expansion vessel. the first replacement was coverd by Grant’s 2 year warranty and the second replacement a month out of warranty and Grant refused to replace it under warranty. Luckily I took out their 5 year extended ‘Blue Fin’ insurance so I was able to claim the money back. The flow detector switch also sprung a leak spraying a fine mist of mains pressure cold water all over the insides of the boiler, who would have though using cheap plastic parts on mains water might spring a leak?

    Anyway, ever since I’ve had the boiler it’s kept losing pressure meaning I have to top it up, every time this has happened it’s been blamed on the pressure vessel which as said is now on it’s third. So I was surprised to come back home after two weeks away to find it’s dropped pressure again and during my 2 weeks away the boiler safety had prevented the boiler working, how lucky we didn’t have a serious frost otherwise I dread to think what else might have happened.

    This has been the most unreliable boiler I’ve ever owned and to say I’m disapointed is an understatement, my local engineer has always been great about servicing it but Grant seem to have really produced a lemon here.

    I should say that when the boiler works, it works very well indeed and it has been fine for periods of 6 to 8 months in a row without problems but a boiler needs to work reliably, especially when so new!

  7. We are new to Oil central heating and having to replace the whole system. Trying to decide between a Worchester Greenstar combi and leave the old immersion tank upstairs as a back up or try the Mistral Combi with an immersion built in? Any feedback greatly appreciated

    Thanks Eleri

  8. Hi Eleri. My only advice would be to think very carefully about selecting a combi boiler full stop! If you have a young family, and normally use a lot of hot water, then this type of boiler is not for you. If the boiler breaks down for any reason (and if you read this blog regularly you will see what I mean) you are snookered – unless of course you plan to install an electric shower at the same time. Stick with a modern efficient standard boiler and cylinder. Cylinders manufactured now days lose very little heat through the jacket so you will not be losing money that way. If I were you, I would consult with a reliable heating engineer who will listen to all your requirements and needs and will advise you accordingly.

  9. Well, after almost 10 months, my Grant Vortex combi has started to lose pressure again. My previous posts on here have cataloged the 7pcb’s, 2 pumps, complete new panel, new flow switch, new expansion vessel, new flexi to the expansion vessel, new pressure switch fitted to this heap of ********. The pressure loss is once again due to the flexi between the expansion vessel and the inlet becoming filled completely with corrosion despite the fact that the boiler is regularly serviced and has inhibitor in the system. This prevents the expansion vessel working and causes the boiler to over pressurise and release to the floor outside. A distinct lack of response from Grant throughout these problems just compounds the problems when you have spent a christmas and the next new year without heat or water. Please, please think twice, three or even four times before considering a Grant boiler.

  10. I had a Grant boiler, and an entire new oil heating and hot water system (radiators, oil tank etc) installed under the Warm Front Scheme in 2008, as I am disabled.

    I have had nothing but problems, starting with an oil leak within hours of it being fitted, to a total lack of heating and hot water on a regular basis. I literally cried with the cold last Friday and had to go to bed.

    Being on benefits I cannot afford to continually pay an engineer to get it going again, so have to keep filling the boiler with the filling loop. I haven’t been able to have a bath for many months as the water runs cold.

    I am now told the expansion veseel has failed, and possibly more, so I am faced with a huge bill in the middle of winter for a boiler only 4 years old.

    My last boiler, a gas one at my previous home, worked for 18 years with no problems apart from a minor thermo-coupler replacement after about 12 years. I bitterly regret ever having a Grant boiler installed. I thought they had a good reputation but looking on the internet it is clear that they are the worst boiler in existence.

    PLEASE do not buy a Grant boiler. Do not go through what I am going through. Life is hard enough without shivering night after night.

    I really wish I could rip the whole thing out and live a normal life again.

    Do Grant really care about their dreadful products? I see comments from Neil Sawyers on this blog but do not have the strenth left to fight. Can anyone help with any ideas please?

  11. To Moderator:

    Sorry, I forgot to say my boiler is a Grant Vortex 26 Outdoor Combi Boiler,



  12. Dear Bloggers, since my last blog, I have helped lots of customers behind the scenes, resolving their problems with the minimum of fuss and often as a result of system or installation faults, just to get their heating system restored. But I am still reading of unhappy customers and, while I will contact them over the next few days, there is a common thread running that needs addressed today. I hope that all potential bloggers will read this to the end before they decide to leave their comments.

    I am delighted that Boiler Wizzard is giving sound advice and I want to build on that just now.

    To become a heating engineer takes nothing more than doing a few courses and passing a few exams. To become a good heating engineer takes many years of dedication and experience so what you read here is based on my knowledge and experience over 25 years as an installer and service engineer and 7 of those as the Technical Manager of Grant Engineering.

    In addition, the following is not restricted just to Grant boilers, but also Boulter, Worcester, Trianco, etc. the topic for today is expansion vessels and in particular, expansion vessels in Combi boilers.

    Manufacturers make no secret of the fact that the size of expansion vessel in a combi boiler is directly proportional to the space that is left by the time the boiler jacket, store, burner, etc are fitted. There is a trade off between the size of the final casing and what is fitted inside. Yes, we can make the boiler bigger but commercially this would be a disadvantage unless all manufacturers followed suit. So, for example, if you look at the size of the expansion vessel inside you boiler, you will find that the capacity is 10 litres, 12 litres or maybe even 14 litres.

    Something else to consider is that the vessel is under more use during the winter than during the summer because the whole system is seldom used during the summer months. (The radiators are not required to get hot).

    The expansion vessel is there to take up the expansion in the system caused by the water getting hotter and expanding as a result. Without the expansion vessel, the pressure would build up quickly and eventually discharge through the pressure relief valve. The size of the vessel is dependant mainly, on two variables. 1: the volume of water in the system, 2: the head on the system ( the height from the bottom of the lowest radiator to the highest point of the system). I am not expecting you to know how much water is in your system. I am expecting your installer or service engineer to know as that is their job. Look inside your installation manual that came with your Grant boiler and you will find a whole section on deciding if the system needs an additional expansion vessel and if it does, how to select the right size. For those readers who do not own a Grant boiler, look inside your manual and I am sure you will find the same section.

    Ok, so let’s do an example. The Grant 26e combi hold about 60 litres on its own. Lets also say that you have 8 radiators that hold about 6 litres each. You also have about 60 litres of water in the pipes that connect the boiler to the radiators. That makes about 168 litres of system water.

    If you are in a bungalow, multiply this by 0.08; in a 2 storey house, multiply by 0.11 and in a 3 story house, multiply by 0.16

    In my example, I live in a 2 storey house so I will multiply 168 by 0.11, which equals 18.48. This is the amount of expansion I need. The boiler has a 12 litre vessel supplied so I need another 6.48 litres. There isn’t one of this size so I will install the nearest bigger size which is an 8 litre. If I don’t install this, the lack of expansion, particularly during the coldest weather, will cause the vessel to rupture prematurely and result in system water being discharged out through the pressure relief valve. If you have more radiators or high water contect radiators (cast iron) this will happen sooner.

    Now, just before you start arguing with me, take a look at your system and find the additional expansion vessel.

    I have been thinking of how, as a manufacturer, we can overcome this problem and make it easier for the installer. We can’t make the boiler bigger and I can’t see it making much sense to supply it without any vessel at all. I have looked at supplying an additional vessel with the boiler but what size? Time and time again I come back to making sure the installer fits it while he/she fits the new boiler.

    The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I will supply, at no cost, a new expansion vessel plus a 10 litre additional one (again, free of charge) to the first 10 Grant Boiler owners who have had issues with expansion vessel failure. I will even send my engineer to fit them. The only condition is that you return here and give an honest account on your experience.

    Things do go wrong and parts do fail but it is not always a manuufacturers problem. Contrary to what you read, there are no such things as ‘Friday Afternoon Boilers’ so please contact me at neil@grantuk.com if you want to take me up on my offer or if you want advice on anything else. Thanks for reading.

    Neil Sawers

    Technical Manager, Grant Engineering

  13. Hi, I am on my second Grant in 15 years. The current Vmax is going ok, the occasional leak (washers giving up) and now and then it offers warm instead of hot water. The first Grant exploded, due to poor maintenance (industry now regulated) done by unqualified engineers, and the fitting of an electrical device alledgedly softening water in a an area of very hard water. Now the whole house is protected by a salt softener we are hopefully going to prolong the life of the boiler.

    I must admit though this will be my last Grant and Combi, I feel that the technology is there but the equipment just isn’t solid enough to take the bust boom of Combi life unless you live in a one bed bungalow! Ours is supplying a large four bed house with two bathrooms. When we were going to replace the original we were talked out of going away from a Combi saying that they were then robust, and adequate, we will see in time!

  14. Dear Algi67, I am never surprised by installers who think a combi can be installed anywhere. Ask any competant installer, and he will tell you that a combi is a compromise with the trade off for having the space where the hot water cylinder was in the airing cupboard (good point?) is having a boiler that cannot produce the same volume of water at a high temperature as a cylinder can. Like you say, good for small dwellings.

    Maybe I am old fashioned, but I believe you cannot beat the system performance of a standard, high efficiency boiler coupled with an unvented hot water cylinder.

    As for your house – you could always consider adding a hot water cylinder and converting the combi to a normal system boiler with 2 motorised valves. When I moved into my house, I inherited a gas combi. This is now converted to a standard boiler with a 200 litre cylinder in the attic! Perfect, and is just as easy to do with oil. Let me know if you want a hydraulic/electrical diagram.


    Neil (neil@grantuk.com)

  15. To all who read my comment on 3 December about my Grant combi boiler PLEASE READ ON!

    I take back all I said about Grant….they do care about their customers! Within 24 hours of me posting the comment, Neil Sawers of Grant had promised to totally replace my expansion vessel AND add another as well as thoroughly check my boiler and replace whatever was necessary. This included a new Control Panel and even a service! We had our heating and hot water restored within 4 days of my comments on this blog, by Dean Arnold from Grant, a lovely engineer!

    The kindness of Grant and their employees brought tears of gratitude to my eyes and saved me from a very worrying situation. We are now warm and very thankful indeed.

    Thanks are also due to Adam Edgeley of Boilerjuice who also contacted me after my comments were posted.

    Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!

  16. Forgot to say….this was all free of charge! Truly a Christmas gift!

  17. I’m fed up.faulty boiler once again!! Ive had a Grant vortex oil combi fitted no since 2006,every single year including the first month when Grant sent out a technician ,since installation,it s broken down. Everything from control panel, leaks ,2 circuit boardis, 2 expansion tanks ,loss of pressure.etc etc , My friend had his fitted a different make the same-year by the same installer,not a single fault. I really am sick as a chip. Its been serviced every year ,except this year as we have been away a lot and i thought its had very little use,and every year the engineer a fully qualified oil technician,apologizes to me as per usual it costs me.Now once again we have problems ,this last two week ,the boiler fires up but occasionally we have come home and no hot water or heating . Checked pressure and its fine,turned power off then back on after a minute and away it goes,works great and dosnt miss a beat,then off it goes again. Time for a change I think new boiler and I know what I wont be installing.

  18. Forgot to say ,just come across the survey ,as looking for fault s diagnostic on what it can be this time and most of the comments on here genuinely match the problems I have had on my Grant vortex 36 Combi boiler. Just dug out last last service invoice,it reads, replace leaking filling loop,replace leaking auto air vent, & leaking pressure switch.+ service . suppose not bad for a year.

  19. Alan

    Regarding the problems with your Grant combi, if the boiler works ok after turning the power off and back on again, it sounds as if one of the PCBs are faulty, again! I’m assuming the boiler wasn’t at overheat or lockout otherwise it would indicate something different. There has been a big problem with the Doyle PCBs on the Grant vortex models. The design was changed a couple of years ago, but the old style ones are still being sold by some spares companies. It is easy to identify the difference, the old style used a thermistor with a white cable, whereas the new one uses a thermistor with a black cable. You also mentioned when you check the pressure is fine, you can only ensure the pressure is correct if the boiler has been totally turned off for at least 5 hours and the pressure would usually be 1 bar, if the boiler is hot the pressure could easily be 2- 21/2 bar. If an additional expansion vessel has not been fitted to the system chances are the boiler pressure gets to high and discharges within a couple of days, you are then running the system pressure to low which can produce steam within the boiler shell which can cause damage to other components such as expansion vessels and auto air valves, this then causes a vicious circle of damage etc.

  20. Dear all. I’ve been out of the loop for the past few busy weeks leading up to Christmas but I’d thought I would pop on to the blog and see what has been happening – and I am glad I did. It is very refreshing to see a manufacturer being pro active for a change and dealing with your problems head on – no I am not in the payment of Neil Sawers or even Grant Boilers. ( but I do some warranty work for them from time to time.) To be honest the problems that you describe are problems that I come across every day in my working life and are not just confined to Grant Boilers. The reason that Grant boilers come up for criticism so often on this blog site is more down to market share I think. Believe you me just put other manufacturers products into your search engine and you will be amazed what comes up ! To tell you the truth I get so frustrated when I hear of the plight of people like Algi67. Who the hell advised you to buy a combi boiler for a 4 bed 2 bathroom house in the first place? However, I also get annoyed when I read about leaks, and premature failure of parts due to lack of expansion and debris in the system. Do not get me wrong – you are the customer and when you employ a contemporary of my profession you expect sound advice and service. So apologies to the point of sounding arrogant but here is my advice for you all in 2013:

    a) Always obtain a second opinion before having a boiler fitted. Check that the installer has done his homework on the product, the system and your requirements.

    b) Check that he is suitably qualified and obtain references for his previous work.

    c) If he/she services boilers, check that they have carried out manufacturers product courses.

    d) If you can afford it always opt for the extended warranty.

    e) Don’t be afraid to seek advice from the manufacturer.

    Oh – and Happy New Year !!

  21. HI

    Thanks for the reply to my comments and advice on my current problem,they really are very much appreciated.

    I have taken Neil from Grant up on his offer of a free expansion tank,and I am awaiting a phone call to arrange a time to check and fit it.

    The current replacement red expansion seems to be the largest the casing will take as it is difficult to get the front case panel in on because of it.,but we are getting signs it about ready for changing again,being that we are having to top the pressure up every 3 to 4 weeks,also because of us having to do this the plastic valves have both now started leaking again on the loop whilst topping up pressure whilst they are open.. I will ask the Grant fitters advice on whether the boiler needs replacing,as it still looks lie new to me but if every year there are faults sometimes with a much larger bill than expected and coupled together the ever increasing cost of oil ,is making me wonder if there is an alternative to oil heating. I also want to take back my rant at Grant ,and do appreciate that they are one of the larger market leaders in production of boilers ,and will there follow they get more complaints.,But they must also realize it really is a cause for concern for there customers ,in that people like me are really worrying about the cost of heating our homes in semi rural areas,because we have very little choice in alternative heating, being that gas is not available. I believe we currently pay in excess of 20/30% more to heat our homes compared to gas. I think this in part is why when faults occurs we vent our anger on the manufacturers of our heating equipment ,exactly as I did when mine went faulty again the day before Christmas. My next service is due on the 27/01/2013 and I already know it wont be a standard boiler service charge.

  22. Hi, thanks for the two responses, however today we are waiting for a Heating Engineer to arrive as can no longer put up with mildly warm showers and ore importantly to the aroma of fuel oil which is present around our house (could be a neighbour but belt and braces and all that )…no oil leaks outside or evident in our Grant Combi 90 V3 Max. Oddly smell of oil through the house…but our boiler is in our garage!

    So to answer a point made by Boilerwizard, our first installation was done by a local plumber who in reality was out of his depth. We had three quotes and didn’t go for the cheapest. He had a good rep in our village but only mentioned during fitting it was the first Combi he had installed…… he retired shortly afterwards !!!

    When that boiler went wrong we contacted Grant UK and they were very helpful. Grant recommended a local engineer who was also very helpful and pointed out the modifications that had been done by our unqualified service engineer which had lead to the killing of my neighbours hedge! The repairs lasted about 8 months until the boiler exploded one summers day ! We used the same engineer for our current boiler. From first contact we pointed out that we had an open mind about a Combi or standard system. I felt convinced at the time that the Combi V3 was a leap from our original Combi. So here we are.

    Will look into costs involved from Neil’s (Grant UK) advice of upgrading the system with a tank and give it serious thought.

  23. LOL !! Well the oil leak was a gas leak in Rouen…….had me worried for a moment..!!!!

    The boiler engineer called fortunately before arriving….telling us of £65 + VAT call-out then considered opinion is the heat exchanger….if not two other items would have to be changed…..heat exchanger £220 +vat fitted. Thought would make a shrewd move and ask for a service call at £65 thinking this would highlight the problem. But was told the heat exchanger is not checked as part of the service.

    So, pausing for thought and what to do next…..

  24. We contacted Neil Sawers, Technical Manager, Grant Engineering after coming across the blog – oil fired boilers satisfaction survey as we were once again experiencing leaks and loss of pressure on our Grant Vortex Outdoor Combi boiler.

    He responded immediately, sending out a brilliant engineer – Dale O’Connor, who fitted new valves, additional expansion vessel and a new control panel free of charge. Dale also went to great lengths to explain why additional expansion is necessary (ours was fitted without additional expansion).

    This experience has renewed our faith in Grant as a manufacturer. We feel it is a great pity they are being let down by incorrect installation of the oil combi boilers.

    I would urge anyone considering installing a Vortex outdoor combo boiler to ensure that the Heating Engineer concerned has checked and double checked the size of additional expansion vessel needed, as it is pretty much certain one will be. This could save much frustration and expense in the future, as the boiler will quite simply not work properly without it.

  25. Well now have a list of items requiring replacement, heat exchanger (replaced at £250), blender valve (£88+vat+fitting) , pressure switch, possible PCB. So if you take supply and fitting at £3500 (like for like boiler replacement) then servicing at £110 per annum you are looking at £500-£600 per annum to own a Grant Combi over a 10 year period (which the last boiler lasted) current Grant is 6 years old.

    That’s not including cost for owning and running a salt water softener to protect Combi, or putting oil in the tank!

    It would be good to put a league table together to highlight the most costly boilers to own p.a. It might lead to oil users making an informed choice when buying a new unit !

  26. Update to my earlier comments about my Grant Combi 26 outdoor boiler:

    I was contact by Grant to remedy the problem I had. They promptly sent out an egnineer who arrived on time. He was conscientious and wasn’t in a rush. He checked over the boiler very thorougly, replaced an item that may have had a very slight leak and also suggested that an additional expansion vessel be fitted. He spent some time explaning why the extra expansion might be required (as described in detail by Grant on this forum)

    A second visit, again arriving bang on time and the additional expansion vessel was installed without any fuss and quickly and the boiler checked.

    All of this work was carried out free of charge.

    I have to say that Grant have been extremely helpful throughout and clearly a lot of effort made to ensure I am satisfied with the end result and so far so good!

    It’s been a very much appreciated the effort put in and has restored my faith in this company and my boiler…It’s great to know that decent customer service is there should you need it. I appreciate things can break down and go wrong, that’s life, but the real test of a company is their support and service and Grant have rising to the challenge.

    Thanks for the support from Grant and I do suggest contacting them as they do seem genuinely keen to sort out issues.

  27. I had a good old moan about my grant oil boiler breaking down again over the Christmas period and Neil Sawers, the Technical Manager,of Grant offered to send out sent out an engineer. I also took him up on his offer of a free extra expansion tank ,. I was contacted by the service department and an appointment made. The local engineer arrived and promptly took a look at my system and decided to upgrade my control panel ,he also identified faulty joints ,and valves on the top up water valves and replaced them . As my boiler is fitted in its own external room in the yard area ,he decided to fit an external expansion tank instead of the integrated one that was fitted in the boiler. It looks to be about 2.5 times the size of the original and is now mounted on the wall with the water pressure top up loop fitted just below ,so there’s no need to take the front of to top it up now ,and i don’t burn my had anymore when it needs re pressuring. . The engineer was a really nice person with loads of knowledge and experience,and made sure everything was working before he left ,in fact he returned twice to fit new parts ,all I might add free of charge. I purposely left my comments ,for over three months to see if everything is working well and I can honestly say since the new panel and extra large expansion tank was fitted ,apart from one pressure top up it has work wonderfully well. In fact both I and the wife are very happy with it. WE have the old school type radiators fitted and the larger expansion vesel seems to manage it with ease. Thank you very much to Grant for taking the time to identify the problems I was encountering,and repairing them fully.

  28. I have no experience of Grant, nor any other, combi boilers but if Grant know what the problems are & the solutions , why don’t they engineer them in in the first place?

    Certainly, reading these postings, their customer service is second to none, but they must be able to save themselves money, & customers’ heartache.

  29. I am very sorry to say that having taken great pride in having a Grant External Combi installed in 2007, we have had nothing but trouble with it. Presently it won’t hold any pressure, but as the pressure cut out switch doesn’t work either, we still get hot water until the tank runs out. We have replaced almost everything in the boiler and unfortunately never buy Grant again and have stopped telling everyone how great an external boiler is…

  30. I think we all know that boiler service is really important to have its durability. And certainly it must be serviced by highly experienced and qualified engineer.

  31. We have had a Grant Vortex Utility just over 5 years, regularly serviced, when water appeared on the floor with falling pressure. Unable to locate problem until boiler was out, only to discover a hole in the water jacket. Contacted Grant and sent photos showing problem, only to be told there was nothing they could do, as they claimed, it was due to air and the system not being flushed out. Quite unbelievably unhelpful. Said they would conduct a water test on the boiler if I paid for it to be sent back to them! Have had to order a new boiler and no, it isn’t a Grant. Never buy a Grant.

  32. Me and my friend both had grant oil combis fitted 7 years ago both boilers have now got leaking water jackets both biolers have had regular service and mine has been flushed every year had 3 new diverter valves expansoin tank pump pressure relief valve engineer advises cheaper to get new boiler would not buy a grant agian

  33. I too thought that my Grant Vortex combi boiler was rubbish, the pressure relief valve need changing 3 times in 6 months, the expansion vessel & pressure gauge were changed and the diverter valves, it’s 5 years old and I thought it was coming to the end of it’s life span. However, after seeing the comments on here I decided to contact Grant to see why it kept breaking down. They agreed to send an engineer out to investigate even though I had no warranty cover. He was with me for about 4 hours and went through everything in great detail, explaining the problems. No. 1 problem was that there was dirt in the water circulating in my rads, this was confirmed in a water sample that he sent for laboratory analysis, this was causing the valves to not close properly, letting hot water pass from the DHW to the rads. The second problem was that I didn’t have a big enough expansion vessel capacity for the amount of water circulating. If the hot water expands without anywhere to go, something has to give and eventually the boiler springs a leak.

    So, don’t jump to conclusions if your boiler’s giving you trouble, it could be that your system needs flushing out, and you may need more expansion capacity based on the number & size of radiators you have. I was also recommended to get a magnetic filter to catch any dirt that remains after flushing.

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  35. Hello, we have a Grant Outdoor Combi Vortex 26. It seems so unreliable. We are never able to rely upon having heating.
    At the moment, I am wrapped in a blanket after trying again to get the heating going.
    We have refilled with the loop and the pressure is fine. Should we vent the pumps?
    Can anyone help? I do so wish we had gas in the village.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

  36. Hello,

    We have mistral boiler and I will never buy or recommend anyone having one.

    Firstly the expansion vessel leak which they replaced however it cost me with engineers bill. Secondly the boiler sooted up which they say was caused by the exhaust fumes not venting free (too close to my fence, installation issue) this I fixed by installing a snorkel kit which they supplied for over £300!!!

    Now a year later the boiler has filled up with soot again and it’s drained nearly all the oil. Been on to mistral today and the refused to investigate it saying that is must be a calibration issue on my engineers equipment, again I will have to fork out more money to get it fixed.

    This boiler is less than 2 years old!!!!!

    If I had the money I would rip this pile of rubbish out

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