Oil Tank Inspection Tips and Advice

October 7, 2013 | Heating Oil Tanks

Whilst many households with oil fired central heating have their boilers serviced regularly, checking the oil tank is often something that is overlooked.  BoilerJuice have put together some oil tank inspection tips for you to help you prevent leaks, spills and theft.


  • Have an annual oil tank inspection by an OFTEC registered engineer.
  • Check your oil levels regularly so that you know how much you are using and can identify sudden drops that may be the result of a leak or theft. Keeping an eye on levels will also help to ensure you don’t run out of oil unexpectedly.
  • Check your tank and pipework for signs of corrosion, oil stains, cracks or any other physical damage.
  • Check the area around the tank and pipework for signs of leaks.
  • Check your oil tank for any signs of bulging. This can indicate a weakness and should be dealt with.
  • If you have a bunded tank make sure the bund is secure and could contain an oil spill if required.
  • Remove any rubbish, leaves or other garden waste from the bund and also make sure it is not full of water or oil.
  • If you use a tank gauge check it is working correctly. For electrical gauges this may mean checking the batteries or for mechanical gauges, manually moving the parts to make sure it is still functioning.
  • Check the supporting base for your oil tank for signs of damage, cracks etc.
  • Check any locks on your tank are still secure and that there is no rusting or difficulty in using a key.
  • Test any security lighting you may have around the tank to make sure it is still working (remember, you may not have seen it work for a while over the summer when the evenings are lighter).
  • Check plants or trees haven’t grown near the tank and are obstructing access. Clear away anything that may be obstructing access.
  • Check paths that are used by your oil supplier are clear and free of mildew/mud that may cause a hazard.
  • Consider buying a spill kit so that you can deal with any emergency quickly.
  • Make sure your oil tank vent is clear from any debris, vegetation or other obstruction.
  • Make sure you know how to isolate your oil tank and label valves on your tank so that it is clear to others.


More information on oil tank inspection

OFTEC Website : www.oftec.co.uk

For tips on protecting your heating oil from theft see our advice on oil tank security.


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