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January 17, 2014 | Heating Oil Theft/Tank Security

It’s that time of year when, at BoilerJuice, we start to hear a lot of news and police warnings about heating oil theft. Only this week we had an alert from Cambridgeshire Police warning of an increase in thefts in the Huntingdon area.

Tanks are usually topped up around Christmas time so are a tempting target for thieves, particularly when you consider 1000 litres of heating oil costs in the region of £650 (depending on the season). It is important heating oil users do all they can to protect themselves from heating oil theft by not only applying physical security measures, but by being aware of thefts in their areas. This is where Oil Theft Watch can help.

Oil Theft Watch

Oil Theft Watch was launched in 2012 and is the UK’s first heating oil theft database. It is designed to provide a free service to heating oil users in the UK that allows them to:

  • Check for recent reported thefts in their postcode area.
  • Receive email alerts when a theft is reported in their postcode area.
  • Report heating oil thefts anonymously.
  • Find tips on improving heating oil tank security.

We would strongly encourage all our customers and anyone using heating oil to sign up today and start getting up to date reports on thefts.

Other Heating Oil Security Tips

If you are looking for heating oil security tips, why not check out our handy heating oil tank security infographic?

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  1. We live north of Whitby North Yorkshire and would like information on keeping our oil safe as we have had lots of insidancies on our farm of theft..
    J robson stern

    • Hi Mr Robson Stern,

      Thanks for your comment. You can find out more about what steps you can take to prevent heating oil theft and deter thieves on our Oil Tank Security page (here).

      If you’re interested, it may also be worth signing up free email alerts from Oil Theft Watch, as these would let you know when any thefts are reported in your local area.

      Hope this helps,

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