Outdoor Oil Tanks Need Sturdy Support

August 21, 2014 | Heating Oil Tanks

It might be stating the obvious, but your can’t just plonk your tank down anywhere – on the lawn, on the patio, in your flower bed – as the unit needs a suitable base and support.

Unless you’ve put the foundations in place for your oil tank, you won’t just be holding oil – you’ll be storing up problems for the future.

As the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) explains, tanks that are not adequately supported can be weakened, leading to their eventual failure and the escape of the stored fuel.

“During the life of an installation, an oil storage tank base will need to provide continual structural support, even though ground conditions may alter from season to season and year to year,” OFTEC explained.

So what do you need to consider when installing an outdoor oil tank for your heating oil?

First and foremost, the base should be strong enough to cope with the weight of the tank, when it is full of oil.

The base materials used should be non-combustible – for obvious reasons – but also imperforate.

Concrete, paving stones or stonework are typically used for this task, but the surface needs to be levelled off before the tank is installed.

Also, you need to ensure sufficient room – approximately 300mm – is left beyond all sides of the tank.

If you fail to follow oil tank support best practice, it might cost you money, harm the environment – and potentially ruin your floral displays.

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