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Scotland Announces 15m Cashback Green Scheme

May 20, 2014 | Fuel Poverty

Following the announcement of the UK’s new Home Improvement Fund scheme earlier this month, the Scottish government has announced a massive new energy efficiency scheme that will help households to cut their fuel bills.

Some £15 million of state funding is going towards the new Green Homes Cashback scheme, which will give households the chance to apply for thousands of pounds of funding for improvements to energy efficiency. Minister for energy Fergus Ewing announced the scheme and stated that Scotland is already outperforming the rest of the UK in terms of energy efficiency upgrades.

Mr Ewing commented: “This new and more intensive phase of Green Homes Cashback will make a real difference to people across the country, saving money on fuel bills and helping to cut emissions.”

From June and throughout the next economic year, households will be able to apply for up to £7,300 of funding to pay for improvements to their home. Mr Ewing noted this is the latest commitment the Scottish government has made on energy, with the state having already pledged spending of almost a quarter of a billion pounds over a three-year period.

He added: “This government is leading investment on energy efficiency for low income households, with figures from Energy Action Scotland showing that on average, £3.52 is invested in England, compared with £36.48 in Scotland, £31.31 in Wales and £27.55 in Northern Ireland.”

Will Heating Oil Users Benefit from the Green Homes Cashback Scheme?

While the UK’s Home Improvement Fund was widely criticised for ignoring those with oil tanks, it is possible that Scotland’s scheme will actually benefit heating oil users. Large parts of Scotland are cut off from the power grid and, as fuel poverty is more likely to affect those who live in rural parts of the country, the scheme could very well focus on aiding householders in these areas.

While oil tank replacements are not listed among the approved energy efficiency measures, other improvements such as insulation, double glazing and replacing old doors are still eligible for a refund.

Head of the National Insulation Association Neil Marshall was among those to welcome the announcement of the £15 million Green Homes Cashback scheme by the Scottish government. He stated that the body will continue to work closely with Mr Ewing and others at Holyrood in an attempt to lift people out of fuel poverty and provide funding for energy efficiency upgrades.

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