Sussex Surviving Winter Campaign Raises Over £24,000

April 22, 2014 | Fuel Poverty

The Sussex Surviving Winter campaign raised over £24,000 in winter 2013-2014 to help local people who were struggling to heat their homes.

The campaign enables pensioners who receive the Winter Fuel Allowance to donate all or part of their allowance and the funds raised are distributed for the campaign by the Sussex Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Age UK branches to people struggling to heat their homes.

Up to 60,000 (8.6%) households in Sussex are considered to be living in fuel poverty and the Sussex Surviving Winter campaign states that there are areas in Sussex where that figures rises to 24%.   This may come as a surprise to many who consider Sussex as one of the warmer parts of the UK.


Scheme is of Particular Benefit to Heating Oil Users in Sussex

The benefit of using third party agencies such as CAB and Age UK is that it allows the money to spent regardless of the type of fuel needed. Many other schemes designed to help people with fuel poverty don’t cover heating oil which is often a real struggle for people with limited means to pay for due to the minimum order quantity of 500 litres and the need to pay up front.


Campaign Emphasises Impact of the Cold on Elderly in Sussex

Whilst the campaign is designed to help both older people and vulnerable households, the emphasis is clearly weighted towards the elderly. The Sussex Giving website which features the Surviving Winter campaign features a video that reminds the visitor that the generation now suffering from fuel poverty is the same generation that survived the blitz and food rationing during World War II.  They also drop in a shocking statistic that in Sussex 790 elderly people died last winter from cold related illnesses and a further 5000 were hospitalised.

Surviving Winter is a National Campaign

The Surviving Winter campaign is a national campaign run through the UK Community Foundations website and currently has 37 participating community foundations including Sussex. The campaign has been running since 2011 and has helped to raise over £3.3 million across the UK.


For more information about Sussex Surviving Winter

The Sussex Surviving Winter campaign website:

The national Surviving Winter campaign:


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