Tips on Saving Heating Oil – Energy Efficiency

September 3, 2013 | Energy Efficiency

Whilst heating oil is a highly efficient fuel and is still cheaper than LPG, if you are off the mains gas grid and your choices are limited, the ever increasing prices are a concern. However, there are things you can do to save heating oil and improve the energy efficiency of your home.  We’ve put together some tips to help cut your heating oil consumption and hopefully reduce your annual heating oil bills.


  1. Make sure your oil boiler and tank are serviced regularly. A service will ensure your boiler is working at maximum efficiency and hence save heating oil. You can get a quote for an oil boiler service here.
  2. Use a boiler additive – these can improve the overall efficiency of an oil boiler by reducing deposit build up and inhibiting sludge formation.
  3. Insulate your home correctly – a well insulated home will need less heating in the winter thus saving heating oil. Take advantage of grants from schemes such as The Green Deal and The Energy Saving Obligation that can help with cavity wall insulation and roof insulation. Also make sure you have draft excluded windows and doors and, if you can, consider double glazing or sealed units.
  4. Upgrade your oil boiler to a modern oil condensing boiler. This can improve the efficiency of the boiler to over 90% compared with older oil boilers that are typically around 60-70% efficient. There are grants and some low income households will be eligible for a free replacement boiler. See the energy saving trust website for more information.
  5. Update your heating controls. Having a modern system that allows you to more accurately control the temperature in your house can save heating oil. A zoned thermostat system that gives you more control over the temperature in different areas of the house will allow you to only heat the areas you need.  Using radiator thermostats will further improve your ability to control the temperature on a room by room basis. Making sure you have a programmer can also ensure you can switch the heating off and on at set times. Remember that turning your thermostat down by 1 degree can make you a saving of up to 10% on your heating oil bills.
  6. Consider using a combination of renewables such as solar and ground source heat pumps with your oil boiler to save heating oil.


Combining these tips with our advice on how to buy cheap heating oil could help you make considerable savings on the cost of your heating oil.


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