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Oil Tank Authority Urges Users to Check Their Tanks

April 1, 2014 | Heating Oil Tanks

A new phenomenon sweeping the country has caused widespread panic this morning, as reports of heating oil tanks moving overnight have flooded all major oil tank manufacturers.

With dozens of new reports every hour, the Oil Tank Authority is urging heating oil users to check their tanks for signs of movement. Scuff marks around the bottom of the tank, changes in angle or a difference in the distance between the tank and the pipes are all tell-tale signs that your tank may have moved recently.

BoilerJuice have received numerous reports of oil tanks relocating during the night, with several worried customers actually reporting that they have seen their tanks on the move. However, many simply wake up to find that their oil tank has changed position with no explanation as to how.

Concerned Cambridgeshire resident, April, described the scene she found when she awoke this morning.

She said: “When I went to bed our tank was at the bottom of the garden, like usual, but when I woke up it was outside the kitchen window! I was so shocked I couldn’t even eat my Weetabix”.

Her husband, Mr Fools, added: “It must have moved during the night, I thought I heard the neighbour’s dog outside but it was obviously the oil tank moving. It’s very strange, I don’t know how it got there but it’s going to make heating the house very difficult.”

According to reports, the range of the tank movements seem to differ greatly, with some tanks moving just a few inches, while others have relocated themselves to other areas in the garden, front garden, or in some extreme cases, inside the owner’s house.

To prevent oil tank movements, authorities are encouraging heating oil users to follow a number of simple steps such as securing your tank to the ground with bungee ropes, placing bricks, rocks or other heavy items on top of the tank, and making sure any padlocks attached to the tank are securely closed.

However, despite these measures, the Oil Tank Authority are at this time, still unsure what the motivations of the moving tanks are and how to end the problem for good. They are expected to release an official statement later today.



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