Winter is Coming – A Cold Snap is Forecast for November 2013

November 14, 2013 | Market Watch: Price Trends

After a hot summer and warm autumn, it looks like the weather is finally turning and we may be in for a cold snap next week as a cold arctic blast from the North Pole is forecast to hit the country. The BBC outlook for states that temperatures for the latter half of November 2013 are expected to be a little lower than the seasonal norm.

In a repeat of the colder weather that hit at the end of November 2012, it is expected that snow may fall in Scotland and the North of England and may even reach higher ground in the South. AOL Travel have stated that maximum daytime temperatures in the North may only reach 3C and the South won’t reach more than 5C. Overnight temperatures are forecast to be below zero in many parts of the country.


How the Cold Weather Affects Heating Oil Prices

The impact for heating oil customers could be the first real increases in heating oil prices of the winter season as demand picks up. Past buying history shows us that as soon as the temperature drops, prices of heating oil tend to increase as demand outpaces supply. Furthermore, if the weather does result in snowfall, supply can be affected due to distribution difficulties when the roads are blocked or travel is difficult.

Our advice? Heating oil buyers are advised to order their oil now before the winter really takes hold and avoid any sudden increases in prices that may occur. Current heating oil prices are lower than they were at the same period last year so now is the time to take advantage of these prices before they disappear.


The Long Term Outlook

Long term weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate and at present the credible weather forecasters are sitting on the fence as to what winter 2013/2014 is going to be like.  The best advice is to be prepared and don’t get caught out without sufficient heating oil supplies if the winter does turn out to be as cold as it has in recent years.


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