Your Top Tips on Saving Home Heating Oil in Winter 2011

Below are some extracts from our customer comments when we last ran our “top tips on savings home heating oil“, add your comments and views to keep this topic hot.


Insulation, Insulation, Insulation.

  • Ensure you loft insulation is 2.5 inches or more
  • Cavity wall insulation (If your property is suitable – there are instances where properties would suffer damp issues if cavity wall insulation is installed, so use a trusted surveyor before installation.)
  • Check the seals around doors and windows for draughts. TIP: Most modern UPVC windows can be adjusted with an ‘Allen key’ via the hinge to ensure a snug fit).
  • Install a letter box draught excluder.
  • Check the insulation around your hot water tank.


Heating Oil Money Saving Tips

  • Ensure you boiler is serviced at least once every 12 months (ensure you have your nozzle changed)
  • Consider using premium heating oil / additives e.g. BoilerMax or CookerMax to extend the efficiency between services.
  • Secure your heating oil tank – some thiefs will try to empty your tank in one go, but other will steal little and often, so while you think you may be burning more oil than normal – it may be that someone is visiting in the midst of night taking small, but significant amounts.
  • Consider putting a fence around your tank.
  • Add a lock – secure fill points and your vent
  • Consider an alarmed tank monitor like the Watchman Alarmed monitor


Short / Medium Term Investments:

  • Install TRV’s on your radiators and adjust as required. (Thermostatic Radiator Valves cost from around £5 each on
  • Fit an electronic descaler, these cost very little but removal of scale – especially in the boiler and water tank will make the system more efficient.
  • Have your heating system treated with sentinel or a similar product. (
  • Install double or secondary glazing


Longer Term Investments:

  • Consider installing a wood burning stove with back boiler to feed radiators and hot water.
  • Upgrade your boiler if it is an old non-condensing type  -modern condensing boilers are around 90-92% efficient. If you live in a small/medium sized property and have relatively low hot water usage consider upgrading to a combi-boiler – which only heats the water you use.


Other Suggestions:

  • Visit a different friend each day and enjoy their heat. Invite your friends round to visit you in a set day – by doing this you have company, food and heat.
  • Take care when strimming and mowing around your oil tank, what ever you do, don’t cut your oil tank feed pipe.


Add your tips below and you could see your tips above…

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