BoilerJuice Supports Macmillan Cancer Support

Friday 30th September 2016 was the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Organised by Macmillan Cancer Support, it’s a way for the nation to get behind the cause with this fundraising event. The 2015 Coffee Morning event broke fundraising records, raising more than £27 million from over 226,000 people taking part. That means that over £138 million has been raised since the first official Coffee Morning in 1990.… Read More

Heating Oil Tank Security – How Do You Prevent Heating Oil Theft?

This is a question on the minds of many UK households. Heating oil, like so many other energy products, is a highly valuable commodity. Here, we investigate what households can do to prevent heating oil theft.

How much oil theft is there?

Despite the rate of rural crime increasing from 2014 to 2015, the cost of thefts from rural homes has decreased slightly in 2015, down to £6.2m from £7.1m in 2014.… Read More

Heating Oil Price Analysis – Amazing value in 2016

You’ve probably noticed how much cheaper heating oil has been this year, but where does 2016 sit in context of historical prices? We look at the past 9 years of BoilerJuice prices to answer the question. Following unprecedented falls for the last three years, BoilerJuice prices have never been lower. The crash in the price of crude oil has meant that, for the first time since BoilerJuice records began, the average heating oil price between January and March was below 30 pence per litre.… Read More

2016 Heating Oil Prices Buck Historic Trend

Month-to-date, June average prices are higher than the previous December for the first time in 6 years. So when is the best time to buy? Heating oil prices continue to defy tradition this year, rising in summer compared to the previous winter for the first time since 2010. Demand and therefore prices typically fall in the summer but this year prices have risen thanks in part to strengthening crude oil prices.… Read More

BoilerJuice Launch £25 Voucher Giveaway

BoilerJuice are delighted to announce the launch of a new daily £25 voucher prize giveaway. We’re always looking to give something back to our customers, whether it’s group savings cash-back or regular “win 500 litres of heating oil” competitions. But we wanted to give more. Following on from the success of our ‘January Madness’ and ‘March Mayhem’ competitions; we’ve decided to give away a voucher not just every week, but every day!… Read More

Household Bills Survey Results Revealed

Household bills equate to some of our most expensive outgoings each month, but across Great Britain, are we doing enough to save money? A recent survey by NatWest revealed that across England, Scotland and Wales, consumers are missing out on opportunities to save, with almost a third admitting to not comparing prices to find a better deal on any of their household bills.… Read More

How to Save Energy (& Money!) this Winter

Saving energy saves you money; but there are so many tips, tricks, and tall tales online these days that it’s hard to know what really works. So here’s our quick guide to things you can easily do to save money on your energy bills this winter. Only put the heating on when it’s required, not all day Why let your house get cold just to have to use up energy heating it up again right?… Read More