Why should I use an OFTEC registered boiler technician?

As the days get shorter following the clock change and the cold weather is now really starting to kick in, many of us will have turned our heating systems back on. In fact, this year things have been slightly different due to the unseasonable mild weather during July and August, an estimated eight million of us have already made the move and switched our boilers on much earlier than usual*.… Read More

How Does Oil Central Heating Work?

Why do people use central heating oil?

There is one reason above any other that central heating is fuelled by oil. The property has no connection to mains gas. Most homes in the UK use gas fired boilers. However, there are around 4 million homes in the UK where a property isn’t connected to the mains gas, of which 1.5 million heat their homes using oil as the preferred option.… Read More

What’s Going on with the Price of Oil?

In our last blog post regarding the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, we covered the outcome of their Nov 30th 2016 meeting: a global cut in crude oil production of 1.8 million barrels per day in an effort to increase prices.

Initial Success; What’s Changed?

Initially both crude and heating oil prices saw a dramatic increase.… Read More

How 2016 Heating Oil Prices Compare To Historic Trends

Following on from our July-September review, we’re looking back at 2016 to understand what happened to heating oil prices, while looking ahead to try understand what impact this may have in 2017 for the 1.6 million oil households in the UK.

Quarterly Heating Oil Price Comparison

The final quarter of 2016 showed no signs of bucking the trend of continued rising prices, and it’s no surprise considering that January 2016 saw the lowest ever heating oil price as recorded by BoilerJuice.… Read More

OPEC Meeting Leads To 7% UK Heating Oil Price Increase in 3 Days

The recent OPEC deal to cut global crude supply has been well publicised by now. In our previous post ahead of the 30 Nov OPEC meeting we outlined the possible outcomes, and predicted what impact each outcome would have. Now the dust has settled, how has it really affected the every day heating oil user?… Read More

Will cutting oil output increase heating oil prices?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, are scheduled to meet on 30th November 2016 for crunch talks. The topic? Discuss cutting the output of crude oil. Will the 14 OPEC member countries agree?

In today’s blog we look into the possible outcomes of the Vienna meeting and, most importantly for us, what impact it will have on heating oil.… Read More

Boiler Problems: Everything You Need To Know About Oil Boiler Lockout

With winter just around the corner, and heating switched back on – there’s a greater chance that you could be impacted by one of the most common boiler problems: ‘Lockout’.

What is ‘boiler lockout’?

When a boiler has a fault, the system has a mechanism to automatically lock-down to prevent further damage.… Read More

Crude Oil Trend Boosts Heating Oil Prices, Creating Steepest Price Increase in 6 Years

1.5 million UK households impacted after 16% price increase in October

UK heating oil prices rose 16%, from an average of 34.40PPL (incl. VAT) in September to 39.90PPL (incl. VAT) in October. This represents the steepest monthly heating oil increase since the winter of 2010, making it the third biggest price hike on record.… Read More